Wordpress site piece of mind

The last thing you want or need is your website going down, so you can’t capture leads and take orders.

About our Piece of Mind Care Plan

Whilst Wordpress is a wonderful and free platform upon which to build your website, you have to stay on your toes because things need constant maintenance.
So, let us take care of that for you, for a low monthly fee.

Uptime Monitoring

We constantly monitor the availability of your website, and if there is any kind of downtime notification, we look into it immediately. That means if something goes wrong with your website, we are likely to be the first to know and we react fast if it’s required. It is normal for there to be periodic very short outages that might last a few seconds or a couple of minutes. If your site is down for longer, we spring into action to find out why.


Your hosting provider may well take backups, but what if their servers go down or suffer an outage? We recommend and set up off-site backups for you as part of our service on third-party storage, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), pCloud or Google Drive.
(note: some storage fees may apply, billed directly to you by provider)


The Wordpress ‘core’ system regularly receives updates that need to be checked to ensure they don’t clash with or break anything on the site when they’re deployed. Also, the plugins used to expand the capability of your site also need updating regularly.


We ensure you have security plugins installed and correctly configured to prevent malicious attacks on your site and to keep your website clean of infectious viruses and malware. Wordpress sites require antivirus and malware protection.


We periodically check all is well with your website hosting and carry out a few other site speed optimisation checks. We may make recommendations to you regarding your hosting provider or site configuration based on our findings. At that point you can commission us to carry out that work for an additional fee.


We check all recommended plugins are licensed and make you aware of upcoming renewals that you need may need to take care of. We take care of licensing one or two plugins we use to provide the Piece of Mind service, minizing additional cost to you. We sometimes secure group discount prices on tools we recommend, so you can benefit too.


If something on your site stops working as expected, we will try to fix it ourselves once we become aware of the problem. If the site was not built by us, the first 30 minutes of a break-fix incident is covered. After that, we will contact you and present you with options and costs for additional time or resources required.


You may choose to pay for additional hours of our time to have us ‘on standby’ each month. Please contact the team if you wish to learn more.

Choose your subscription

Pay Monthly

£49 / month

(Most flexible)

Pay Annually

£490 / month

(2 months free)


We’ve tried to answer the most common questions people have about this service – if you’re missing something please contact us

No. You are responsible for paying a hosting provider to host your website. If you need trustworthy recommendations, feel free to ask.

SImple really. Our first clients were based in the UK. Now we proudly serve people around the world. Based on demand, we may change pricing to $ US at some point.

You are responsible for paying hosting charges and any third-party storage costs, associated with off-site backups. We recommend using Amazon AWS, which is really affordable and offers rock-steady global datacenters.

Your website is critical to your business. If something happens to your hosting provider or their backup service, you will have piece of mind that there’s a complete and recent backup of your website sitting somewhere-else for you to use, if required.

Yes. We have been working with Wordpress websites for as long as we can remember and whilst there are great alternatives out there, we prefer the performance and flexibility Wordpress offers.

Perhaps… we do not support WooCommerce or Shopify – but we do have experience using SureCart, which has really disrupted the ecommerce Wordpress marketplace since its launch. Contact us for more details and to discuss the costs involved.

An active Piece of Mind subscription covers one Wordpress installation (website). Please go through the sign up process one time per website you wish to activate the subscription for.

If you have a website running on a sub-domain (i.e. courses.yourdomain.com), which is completely separate from your main site (yourdomain.com), this counts as two sites.

Important – please read

Unless we built the Wordpress website you wish to cover with the Piece of Mind care plan, we will add an ‘onboarding fee’ to your order for each website in the cart.